Pink Warrior Because when someone you love has cancer, you fight cancer too! ™

Pink Warrior Story

The Pink Warrior Foundation is on a mission to fight cancer. Together with Pink Warrior, you can be a part of the difference in the quest to find a cure for cancer. 

Pink Warrior is most recognized for breast cancer fundraising. But that is not all it does. Seeing the Foundation's success in raising funds for breast cancer research over the years, cancer survivors and caregivers have urged the foundation to take on all cancer.  

So, Pink Warrior does exactly that: they fundraise for cancer research and awareness of all types of cancer.

Who is Pink Warrior?

Pink Warrior was founded by Kelly Gatzke in love and support of his wife Fiona, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.  

Fiona had been designing and making pink ribbon jewelry to keep her hands moving after her nerves were damaged during chemotherapy. The couple gave them as thank you gifts to family and friends who had supported them during Fiona's cancer journey.  

Strangers were literally buying these bracelets off of the wrists of friends and family who had received the jewelry, so Kelly suggested they sell enough to raise $1000 for the October 2006 C95 Radio Marathon for Breast Cancer Research in Saskatoon.  

By the time of the marathon, the couple had more than doubled their goal. Fiona and friends produced 500 handmade breast cancer bracelets and donated just over $2500 and Pink Warrior was born.

Donate to Cancer Research

Making a donation to the Pink Warrior Foundation is simple.  Here's how you can help Pink Warrior in the Fight Against Cancer.

  • Memorials 
  • Events & Fundraisers - hold your own fundraisers and donate the funds. Each year, schools, teams, workplaces, business and even entire towns host events such as Pink Warrior Hockey Games, Think Pink Week and Paint the Town Pink in Saskatchewan. 
  • Workplace Payroll Deductions and Corporate Donation Matching Programs. 
  • Email us at  to plan your way to join Pink Warrior's mission to help fight cancer!  

Pink Warrior also carries a retail line at the Pink Warrior Market where we sell cancer merchandise with 100% of the proceeds used for cancer research and cancer awareness. 

Donating to Pink Warrior means that you know that your money funds cancer research and awareness.

​​Fighting Cancer and Surpassing Goals One Pink Warrior at a Time 

As of Pink Warrior's 10-year anniversary, sales, events and donations have grossed more than $550,000 for cancer research and awareness. Pink Warrior has conquered and exceeded its modest original goal of raising $1000 for the marathon, back in 2006, thanks to the many individuals and corporations who donate to cancer research each year. 

You can find Pink Warrior founders and volunteers in malls, in hospitals, and at entertaining fundraisers such as steak dinners, cabarets, auctions, golf tournaments, hockey games, baseball tournaments, book signings or anywhere people are willing to give of themselves and fight cancer.

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